experienced coaches & programs to meet all your fitness needs.

Whether you're new to fitness or an experienced athlete, Cordis offers a variety of programs to help you achieve your goals! 



If you're from out of town and looking to drop-in, please purchase a drop-in so you can sign in for the class you wish to attend. We also offer a 1 week pass in case you plan on getting more than one workout in! You will be prompted to sign a waiver and gym policy as well. Please email info@cordisfitness.com if you have any questions. 



Offered at both locations

Our introduction to CrossFit. This program consists of 3 personal training sessions + 1 week of trial classes. All movements in CrossFit will be covered and attendees will learn the proper technique associated with all movements. 15% Group discount available.



Offered at both locations

*No On-Ramp or previous experience required! 

45 minute conditioning workouts that include interval training, light to moderate loads (medicine balls, kettlebells etc) and functional bodyweight movements without the barbells

*On-Ramp program or 3 months CrossFit experience at an affiliated gym is required prior to starting. 

60 minute class that incorporates high intensity functional movements, gymnastics and weightlifting. Couples rates and emergency services discounts available. Monthly memberships grant you access to all our programs and classes

crossfit kids

Offered at Oakville location

45 Minute class incorporating a fun warm-up, skill work and functional workouts for ages 6-12. 


barbell club

Available at Oakville location

*Must have active CrossFit membership to be eligible. 

90 Minute class incorporating Olympic Weightlifting, designed to improve your overall strength and the technical aspects of your lifts.